Facial F.A.Qs

Why should I get a facial?  Receiving facials on a regular bases...once every 4-6 weeks...can be very beneficial as well as rewarding & relaxing.  Not only are you taking steps to protecting, repairing and rejuvenating your skin physically...but also yourself, mentally!  Facials, in combination with a quality skincare regimen, can help boost your confidence, as well as clear up any troubled or problematic skin.

Are all facials the same?  No!  Our facials are tailored specifically to YOUR skin's needs!  A skin analysis is performed to determine your skin's specific needs, we will talk about your skin concerns, and custom build a facial treatment that will best satisfy the needs and wants of you and your skin!  

Is there more than one kind of facial?  Yes!  We have a variety of facial services and add-ons to ensure your experience is custom tailored specifically to suit YOUR skin's needs!  We have our classic Signature Facial, a Mini Facial, the Gentlemen's Facial, the Dermaplane and Dermaplane Plus Facials, a Back Facial, and an Acne Facial. 

***see our services tab to find out details of each facial***

Are facials just for girls/women? Absolutely not!  Many of our clients are guys!  Men benefit just as much as women do from receiving facials.  Not only does it help keep the skin clean and free of radicals and toxins, but it also helps with folliculitis (ingrown hairs) and other irritations caused by shaving.

What's the age of your youngest client?  While the younger crowd has delicate, beautiful, youthful skin, it's never too early to start them off on the right foot and create great skin care habits.  The sooner we can teach them about proper skin care (why it's important, and what to do when they come across blemishes or other skin issues) the better prepared they will be! Currently, our youngest client is 9 years old.  She's learning now the proper way to wash her face, how to select the correct products, and the importance of preventive care as well as the dangers and consequences of neglecting her skin.  

Lashes F.A.Qs

How do I care for my lash extensions?  You will want to keep your extensions clean by washing them daily with a mild lash cleanser.  Remember to avoid any facial products & makeup removers that contain oil (this includes micellar water), as oil will damage the integrity of the adhesive.  Brushing your lashes daily with a clean lash wand is also important.

What should I NOT do once I have lash extensions?  Don't twist, pull, tug, or pick at your lashes.  Try to avoid sleeping on your face or rubbing your lashes into a pillow.  Refrain from using mechanical curlers, mascara, or gel liners on your extensions (instead use liquid or powder liners, as they don't build up in the lash line). 

What ingredients should I avoid?  Products containing Oils, Glycerin, Glycol, and Waxes can damage the adhesive bond on the lash set.

How often do I need to have my lashes filled in?  Our eyelashes naturally shed, just like the hair on our heads.  Typically, to keep your lashes looking full and fluffy, you will want to have them filled in every 2 weeks.